Avansat Solutions was established in United Arab Emirates as member of a group of companies (SYSCOM Technologies S.A.R.L., VeroZone Solutions S.R.L., and Internet Traders International S.A.R.L.) to develop and market existing and new sophisticated Software and Hosting Solutions. The company represents our existing group of IT Solutions companies with high capacity to handle and deliver major projects.

Avansat is the Business Development entity to market all our products and services including the University Management System developed by one of our sister companies.

Our solutions are fully customized and specifically designed according to client needs and requirements. The implementation and deployment procedures include full training and orientation.

The development approach includes requirement engineering, project management, workflow design, quality assurance, testing and full technical documentation. This approach in software engineering achieves full life cycle results in functionality and end user reliability.

The core system platforms are built on open source technologies and delivered to the client with full source code and technical documentation. The client owns the source code and has the capability to continue development with no extra costs of licensing. This approach is critical to allow scalability as needed with freedom of customization.